"Smelling a plant is connecting two souls. With an open heart we receive its fragrance and listen to its story. Only then we can discover what it has to offer us."

With love,

Joanne's passion for pure and natural fragrances came about naturally

As a child Joanne was already fascinated by Mother Nature's fragrances. When walking through the forest she kept on touching the trees, the plants and the leaves and she enjoyed the abundance of forest aromas. Enchanted by their diversity, she tried out various ways to capture them. According to Joanne, every plant has its own soul and sends out a message when its aroma floats through the air. This message can move us in many ways if we allow it to.

Aroma Specialist

Inevitably, Joanne got trained to be an aroma therapist after running her own certified movement and massage practice for fifteen years. With a lot of passion she focussed on bringing and keeping balance in her client's lives. No wonder her motto is to live from the heart and live life your way. Essential oils inspire her to do this. In workshops and training she has introduced a lot of people to Mother Nature's world of fragrances, and inspired them to apply essential oils in their daily lives.

For the past ten years Joanne kept on extending her knowledge on essential oils; the production process, quality, aroma experience and aroma development. As an aroma expert she is therefore regularly asked to give aroma presentations or masterclasses. As a trainer and consultant she uses her expertise for cosmetic and aroma therapy brands.

Joanne will take you on a trip to the ‘World of Fragrances’ in a creative and passionate way. All of her presentations offer an interesting mix of experience, knowledge and inspiration.

Living and working with essential oils is a way of enjoying fragrances like Mother Nature intended. I wish for everyone to have a fragrant experience, an encounter with nature's resonating beauty. I wish for you to discover how to incorporate this, to enrich your life and work.

Aroma therapy is my way of life. It's my passion to inspire people all over the world and teach them about the safe enjoyment of aromas.

AromaWise's Values

AromaWise stands for integrity, purity and authenticity. Taking responsibility for people, nature and culture are self-evident to Joanne. That's why she works closely together with 'green' entrepreneurs who are involved in sustainable social projects around the globe. Joanne uses their oils and hydrosols to create fragrant creations whilst respecting people and nature.

Thanks to the cooperation Joanne hears many stories about ancient wisdom and traditional uses of these products. Every person, every culture and every part of this earth has its own wisdom that we may use.


Privacy statement

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Let’s have a cup of tea...

Come talk about how you can use Mother Earth’s fragrances in your daily life. Or about the ways in which you can surprise your clients with an aroma experience. We’ll meet online or in the AromaWise studio.