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Aromawise by Joanne

Our Own Distillations

All year round Joanne visits many beautiful places that offer an abundance of fragrances waiting for her to capture them.

Fragrances that want to enrich your daily life and the life of others.

Joanne awaits exactly the right season, the right day and the right time to start her respectful ‘wild’ harvest.

After filling up her copper distiller, it takes a few hours of water or steam distillation to extract the aroma molecules from the plant. This carefully executed process will produce either fragrant hydrosols, essential oils or both.

You too are invited to join our various aroma field trips and experience our fragrant products in your daily life.

Distilling plant materials is nothing but separating the pure and impure to get to the essence. Here we find the soul in all its power and vulnerability. 

Fragrance Creation

A personal aroma blend enhances the allure of your product or service. Just like a logo, a design, colour or music it expresses who you are, what you do and what you stand for.

A unique aroma blend is an additional sensory experience for your clients and is an enrichment of your product or service.

AromaWise specialises in creating tailored aroma blends for a wide array of applications. For use in beauty and skin care products, as atmosphere enrichment around your home or office and many more.


Developing a fragrance or aroma blend is fusing the right oils in the right amounts with the right intention. This makes your unique aroma blend so much more than just the sum of its parts.

Free advice? Let Joanne call you back!


AromaWise by Joanne geurworkshops, geurpresentaties, geurconsultancy
AromaWise by Joanne geurworkshops, geurpresentaties, geurconsultancy


Hydrosols, floral water, herbal water or essential waters are names we give to the product of plant distillation.

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