Deep Balance Blend

"Creative blending is an aesthetic alchemical process in which the creator is receptive and empty to enable the nose to listen. An aroma blend isn't created instantly, but naturally unfolds and grows as a reaction to the essential oil and the creator."

Developing an aroma blend for HormonyYoga in Sweden

The founder of the Swedish company HormonyYoga, Ellen Engvall, is passionate about supporting women and inspiring them to find their inner strength. Inspiring them to be the women they are. As a specialist, Ellen has developed a unique hormone yoga program that she now teaches to aspiring yoga trainers. With this hormone balancing method she creates physical, mental and emotional stability. Let your inner feminine power shine and feel your life energy flowing.

In this spirit, Ellen has contacted AromaWise to develop a unique aroma blend for her. A blend that suits her work as a yoga teacher and that gives the desired support to women to experience balance in their lives. Something she wishes every woman to have.

After a three-month development process and testing different variants, the Radiant Deep Balance Blend was conceived. A one of a kind AromaWise blend made of 100% pure essential oils.


Radiant Deep Balance Blend is a created with fresh notes of pine, bergamot and mandarin. The earthy tones of cedar wood and vetiver offer a strong foundation. With a hint of rose this blend invites you live from the heart, to stay in touch with yourself and to embrace your femininity. A creation in which various essential oils come together perfectly and create complete balance.

Take a look at Ellen's website and get inspired.

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