Aromas play a significant role in our lives. They affect our mood, our energy and influence the atmosphere around the room. Natural and pure fragrances support, inspire and heal. They invite you to be yourself and bring out the best in you. Enjoy the use of essential oils and discover the power of Mother Nature. This enrichment of your daily life is something I would love for you to experience.

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Enjoying aromas in your daily life with essential oils

Without noticing, we are immersed in all sorts of fragrances throughout the day. That’s because we smell with each of the 15,000 breaths we take a day. That's a lot of moments for you and others to have a luscious aroma experience. This experience with natural and pure fragrances, also called essential oils, is wellness for mind, body and soul.

The Right Scent

Explore how you can use essential oils to create an atmosphere that fits you perfectly and learn how to use them to their full potential. Discover how to create your own fragrant products and how to enjoy essential oils in a safe way. Experience the wisdom of Mother Earth’s fragrances, while bringing wellness to mind, body and soul.

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Fragrance Facts

The better a scent matches the atmosphere of a space, the longer you will stay inside

75% of our emotions are defined by what we smell

A picture is worth a thousand words, a fragrance is worth a thousand pictures


Privacy statement

Persoonsgegevens die wij verwerken verwerkt uw persoonsgegevens doordat u gebruik maakt van onze diensten en/of omdat u deze zelf aan ons verstrekt. Hieronder vindt u

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Distilling of Scots Pine

Destilleren van de Grove Den Najaar in Zelhem, wandelend door het groene dennenbos. Wuivende dennentoppen die als het ware mij uitnodigen om even stil te

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Hydrolaten Wat zijn hydrolaten? Hydrolaten, de bloemenwaters, kruidenwaters  ook wel aromawaters genoemd is een product dat vrijkomt bij het destilleren van plantmateriaal. Al deze hydrolaten

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Rose Harvest in Turkey

Rozenoogst De BloemIk heb vanmorgen vroeg een bloem ontmoetEen haastige ontmoeting in de tuinZij keek mij aan met allebei haar ogenIk heb haar toegeknikt en

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Aroma Experiences

Experiencing aromas is possible anywhere. In your office space, your shop, wellness centre or professional practice. Discover how a unique aroma blend enriches your brand and inspires your customers.

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